Building Smart. Building Green.

Lot Design

We look for ways to optimize the building footprint, preserve native plants, minimize water usage, and minimize overall impact on the building site. We position the structure and adjust the design to work with the azimuth of the sun in a way that creates more comfortable and efficient living spaces all year long.

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We use resource-efficient and recycled materials wherever possible. These include ultralight MDF for the millwork, OSB for beams, composite decking, and cellulose insulation.

Energy Efficiency

Each area of the house meets or exceeds Earth Advantage standards. We use variable speed, high-efficiency HVAC systems, ducts that are sealed with WB Mastic, injected foam insulation, and CF light fixtures.


Water Retention

Storm water is managed with a filtration and retention system that captures run-off and directs it into plants and trees.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is greatly enhanced through the use of a central vacuum system, non-toxic / Low VOC materials and coatings, particle board underlayments, and spray-on vapor barriers.